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Brass Billets
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Brass Billets1
Brass Billet

The brass Billets are manufactured in our factories have good fluidity, high strength, wonderful pressure tightness, wearing quality, sound corrosion resistance, acid fastness, machinability. They are used in valves, pumps, impellers, supply-water faucets, bearings, sleeves, pressure seal casting, and ordinary mechanical parts. Various shapes can be designed as per the client’s requirement.

Brass Billets

  • Round Dia 5″, 6″ and 8″ cut to length specified by the buyers. min. length 6″ and max. length – 54″

 Range Of Alloys

Free Cutting Brass - GR I, GR II, GR III

Forging Brass Naval Brass - GR I, GR II
Special High Tensile Brass - GR I, GR II Riveting Brass Lead Free Brass
Al - Bronze