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Brass Flat Bars

GME Quality of Flat Extrusion Bar manufactured and exported. We aim at satisfying all types of customer demands by supplying them Brass Flat Extrusion Bar in the size and shape desired by them. Extensive stock of Brass Flat Extrusion Bar and fittings are also available for immediate delivery and package supply as per the need of customer. We are well known entity in the business of manufacturing top class Brass Flat Bar. Our brass flat bar are durable and available in all sizes and lengths. Furthermore, we are well distinguished exporter of superior quality Brass Flat Bar.

We offers the following types of flat bars:

  • Standard flat bar with square corners
  • Flat bar with rounded sides
  • Flat bar with rounded corners
Available Sizes:

  • 2 mm to 100 mm
Minimum Thickness Minimum Width Maximum Width
1.60 6.35 127.0
Minimum Thickness Minimum Width Maximum Width
50.80 76.20 127.0

Any kind of brass flat extrusion rods can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer specifications.